TJazelle Stacker Bracelet

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Signature Stacker Bracelets are the perfect accent to any TJ Stack.  Available in nugget cut and round stones.

Pink Pearl Stacker Bracelet : The Gem of the sea. Known to symbolize new beginnings, prosperity, love, and inner beauty. 

-8mm Pink Pearl Stones

Classic Kunzite Stacker 6mm Stone Bracelet- The stone of healing and love. Worn to help relieve anxiety, also known as the stone of connection.

-6mm Kunzite stones 

Classic Grey Agate Stacker 8mm Stone Bracelet- Worn to bring supportive energy to the wearer. Known for its healing and soothing qualities. Grey Agate is also known to enhance decision making.

-8mm Grey Agate stones 

Classic Turquoise Stacker 8mm Stone Bracelet- A strengthening stone. Also known as a healing stone providing well-being to the body. Turquoise can also be worn to bring guidance to the wearer.

-8mm Turquoise stones 

Classic Mookaite Stacker 8mm Stone Bracelet- Worn to increase perseverance, will and focus. This stone is worn to bring inspiration into one's life helping you to manifest what you desire.

-8mm Mookaite stones 

Classic Champagne Hematite Stacker 6mm Stone Bracelet- The stone of grounding and protection. Hematite is also known for its healing and strengthening qualities. champagne 

-6mm Champagne Hematite stones